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Platební, informační, dohledový a navigační systém pro svět elektromobility. Přehledná mapa nabíjecích stanic s možností okamžitého nabíjení Vašeho elektromobilu.

Chcete podpořit rozvoj elektromobility v Česku? Připojte se k nám a staňte se provozovatelem vlastní nabíjecí stanice.

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  1. Create an account for long-term charging or charge directly without an account

Creating an account only takes a couple minutes. EVMAPA can be used on all kinds of devices. Upon creating an account, you'll be able to browse the charge point map and search for those, which are best suited for your needs, and you can also use the navigation feature. You can create new stations, add comments, reviews, and photos. Stations free of charge can be activated just by creating a user account. 

  2. Find a suitable charge point close by

Our system allows you to browse suitable charge points according to plug type, facilities, distance, and other criteria. Most devices can also enable navigation directly to the charge point. The charge point photos allow you to easily identify where to find the station. You can also see if plugs are available or occupied.

  3. Begin charging

You can now activate the station with your smartphone. You should physically plug-in and start charging within 60 seconds of activation. Some stations do not require you to physically press a "Start" button, since they begin charging automatically upon activation. You can also activate the charge session by calling a toll-free number located on each charge point. In this case, your phone number must be added to your account before-hand. Call-to-start is a very simple way to activate charging repeatedly. You can save the number to your phone's contact list and you do not need an internet connection.

  4. Adding credit to your account

If the charge point is not free of charge, you can easily add credit to your account via various payment methods. The quickest is using an online credit card transaction, which only takes about 5 minutes, and charging can be activated directly after payment. EVMAPA then subtracts credit according to your calculated consumption at the charge point. All charge sessions are added to your account overview.

  5. Do you own a charge point? You can become a charge point operator in our system

If you own any type of charging station, charge network, or charge point, or if you're contemplatimg creating your own charge point, EVMAPA and EVSELECT s.r.o. can help you become a charge point operator in our system. We offer technical and marketing counseling, billing and management services according to your needs.

  6. Free services for operators

We offer free services to charge point operators, who offer charging free of charge or for the price of electricity consumption.Feel free to contact us.

  7. We support electric cars

We have been supporting electric car expansion in the Czech Republic for seven years by developing an array of improvements for all electric car owners. Our quickchargers in Brno and Troubsko were the first in Moravia.

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