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Platební, informační, dohledový a navigační systém pro svět elektromobility. Přehledná mapa nabíjecích stanic s možností okamžitého nabíjení Vašeho elektromobilu.

Chcete podpořit rozvoj elektromobility v Česku? Připojte se k nám a staňte se provozovatelem vlastní nabíjecí stanice.

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What is a direct payment and the "pay now" button? – new

Our system allows you to pay in a single payment for recharging even without registration. For unlogged users, by using the "direct payment" button, you can immediately start recharging after making an online payment. Our payments are always fair. Because we do not know exactly by how much you wish to recharge, you will pay an advance payment for the recharge before actually charging, preferably by card, after which you will immediately be able to start recharging. After you have recharged, the unused balance will be returned to you. For technical reasons, it may take several days, but in the vast majority of cases, billing is carried out within 24 hours.

What is the purpose of the EVMAPA system?

EVMAPA has three major goals, which are currently absent in the Czech Republic:
1) Provide users with a reliable interactive map of charging stations with the ability to share information by the users themselves.
2) Offer charging station operators direct payments without registration or the option to join a simple, user-friendly credit recharging system without cards and other confusing features.
3) A unified platform for all

What is the FCP discount applied to time tariffs?

This is a revolutionary billing solution for charging, so that we comply with the legislative framework in our industry. At the same time, we are aware of the inappropriateness and disadvantage of billing using time tariffs, as it can easily happen that you are recharging with the fast charger, but the maximum current that the charger can provide cannot be fully utilized by your vehicle. On the other hand, the operator of the charging station / stand has to calculate the tariff based on the greatest possible load. The stands that offer the "n" CZK / min (FCP discount) time tariff will always offer a percentage discount on the minute rate based on the percentage usage of the charging stand's capacity for the given time tariff. The resulting cost for the recharge will then take this discount into account and it will be included in your bill after each recharge. This way, billing for recharging is fair, similarly to when providers set tariffs for the legislatively inappropriate kWh unit. This tariff will ensure that you recharge under as convenient conditions as before. At the moment there are actually hints of hope for better times in legislation towards the end of the year.

Are all charging stations on the map yours?

Only some. Most charging stations have other owners who can optionally connect their station to the billed charging system.

Can I add a charging station?

Yes! This will help all other electric vehicle users find this station more easily.
To add a station, just register, fill in the form with details concerning the station, and wait for the administrator to check it.

Can I add photos of my current station?

Yes! Photos help others find the charging station more easily.
For each station on the map, you will be able to upload your own current photos.
It is also possible to add a station rating based on your experience.

How can I recharge my credit?

Each registered user has the option to recharge the credit that he then uses to recharge at selected stations.
To recharge your credit, go to User> Credit> Credit status and recharge (link).
You can recharge to any amount through the GoPay payment gateway in CZK or EUR.
In the case of a successful online payment, the credit is instantly added to your account.

Can I recharge at a station that bills in EUR if my credit is in CZK?

Every registered user has the option to recharge credit in both CZK and EUR. Credits in individual currencies remain in the currency of the recharge. The correct currency is always used for recharging, if you have credit in that currency. You can recharge even if you do not have the credit in the correct currency, yet have it in another currency. However, a less favourable exchange rate will be used for this particular charging. Therefore, it is in your own interest to have credit in the currency of the charger.

Information text messages are sent only to Czech mobile phone numbers with the calling code +420. The reason is the high cost of sending text messages abroad.

For detailed information on the terms and conditions, please see here.

A video tutorial of the Troubsko DBT 44kW charging station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TOayayoL38











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